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~ Japan’s Unforgettable Flavor ~

The island of Japan is where you can find Kobe – not the one that can shoot hoops, but the Kobe that produces exquisite world-renowned beef. Every country has a particular beef that complements its style. American BBQ, British hearty roast, Australian juicy steak, and more. Each has their own appetizing beef. Yet none are as memorable or talked about as Kobe’s beautiful Shimofuri beef.
Shimofuri niku, or marbled beef, is as delicious as it is attractive to look at. Characterized by its bright pink lean meat and high-fat white marble. Its low melting point assures that every bite will be mesmerizing.

Compared to ordinary beef, the melting point of Kobe beef fat is extremely low. It is said to be about 36 degrees Celsius. Because the fat has such a low melting point, the lean meat mixes with the fat, giving the meat a very melt in your mouth taste that is not oily at all. This is the signature characteristic of Kobe beef.

Its soft lean meat has a sweetness to it and its fat contains acids, like oleic acid, which serve to give it that almost buttery flavor. It’s no secret that many celebs and travelers alike flock to Japan to have this Kobe delicacy.

It’s difficult to describe, easy to consume, and impossible to forget. Kobe’s Shimofuri niku has a distinct taste that can’t be duplicated. There are other famous gorgeous meats in Japan but only Kobe uses high grade, carefully selected and tested beef from Tajima in the Hyogo Prefecture. You’ll know you are getting the best as this prized wagyu is marked with a Chrysanthemum. Every restaurant that serves this certified beef displays a bronze statue and certificate of authenticity.

Always keep a lookout for these key signs if you want to experience authentic, delectable Kobe beef. Relish it in its many different forms. Expertly prepared by Kobe chefs to guarantee you the maximum effect that the unforgettable Kobe beef has to offer.